About Us

Reach Electronics was formed in 2014. We have an eBay store that has been going for some time but was initially a hobby.

With a well established cable manufacturer in our town, they agreed to help us on our way with some customised products. JuicEBitz is one of the UK's leading suppliers of HDMI, USB, Audio and Network Cables, with over one million cables sold to the end of 2018 and we are happy to be associated with them.

You will notice the similarity in performance and design, even down to the cable that they manufacture having their name on it. This shows our customers that we are just as good as one of the leading UK Brands out there.

If you like our designs, rest assured that the structure and performance will be as highly rated as theirs - the only difference is the name and the colours, so you can buy in confidence!

If you have any further questions please feel free to call or contact us directly. We are here to help and answer all support and/or sales enquiries within 24 hours.